Our Mission

"To enhance and inspire people's lives by presenting the benefits of using natural resources while showcasing the uniqueness of such products through our individual artistic expression."

Our Story

Our names are Miguel and Jocelyn Vargas.  Back in October 2015, we decided to start Tame Mane.  The inspiration came from the fact that I had fully grown out my beard while only using coconut oil to maintain it.  Although I noticed benefits from using just coconut oil, I still had issues with "taming" my mane.  It wasn't until one of my old co-workers, a savvy beards-man, suggested using beard oil.  What could be better than blends of oils created specifically for beards and smelling good?  I excitedly explored the different options of beard oil on the market, but frustration quickly ensued.  


Tame Mane at Central Florida Veg Fest October 2015 - Orlando, FLFirst sale at Central Florida Veg Fest 2015 in Orlando, FL.


I have always been passionate about implementing all-natural products in my everyday life. Although, I found the market for beard oils was sorely lacking in that aspect. We soon came to discover that most companies merely marketed their products based upon a fake aroma that artificial fragrances stank up while neglecting a lot of the different health benefits natural oils have to offer. The fact that some of these ingredients are even allowed on hair and skin disgusts me. That’s what drove me to start experimenting with my own blends.  I already had some background knowledge in health and nutrition, so studying the different aspects of how these oils benefit us was not only interesting to me, but I became obsessed with how many problems oils help solve!  There was a lot of mixing, measuring, and experimenting with different blends on my mane.  I would use these handmade blends every day for months on end, and to my surprise, my hair and skin drastically improved. 


Laser Engraved Tame Mane Lion Logo Caterpillar - Mind, Body, Soul - Maddox Ranch - Florida


Thoroughly impressed, Jocelyn tried out my special blend formulated for people who are prone to acne breakouts.  Jocelyn has sensitive skin to the point where coconut oil and jojoba oil would cause awful breakouts in the morning.  After using this special blend, she started noticing amazing results from the oils right away!  Growing up as a teen, Jocelyn had acne-prone skin that was bad enough to where even the prescribed acne medication from the doctor wasn’t helping – it was actually making everything worse.  For once in her life, she was finally able to have that clear, radiant skin she always wanted – all due to the perfect ratio of 100% natural oils.  Not only were we excited that our products worked, but we were even more excited to be able to share them with people looking for a change!  


Tame Mane at Rootfire 2017 - Cocoa Beach, FL


 Both men and women alike share similar issues w dealing with the hair and skin.  There is no such thing as “boy” or “girl” hair.  There can be different hair types such as coarse hair, curly hair, straight hair, but hair is hair, just like skin is skin.  We created Tame Mane to provide a healthy, effective, and honest solution people can trust.  Celebrating the true power of mother nature, we strive for our customers to feel the empowerment our family shares by using our oils daily.  As the lion is king of the jungle, Tame Mane was created for people choosing to take back the power like the true Kings and Queens they are, exemplifying the natural beauty found within us all. 

Welcome to Tame Mane.

Larry's first Bonnaroo - Tame Mane - June 2016


Since starting Tame Mane, we have traveled a good majority of the east coast attending different music festivals as official vendors for events such as Okeechobee Music Festival (all 3 years), Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Firefly, Camp Bisco, Backwoods, Peach Fest, 515 Alive, DancefestopiaHulaween, EDC Orlando, Rootfire, Zen Awakening, and we set up weekly the last year that Venue 578 was around in Downtown Orlando for shows with headliners such as Keys N KratesFuntcase, Space Jesus, Netsky, AC Slater, Green Velvet, Shiba San, 3lau, 12th Planet, Virtual Riot, GiraffagePhuture Primitive, Megalodon, Dubloadz, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Eazybaked, and many more! 


Tame Mane at Peach Fest 2017