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If you purchased a product that is not listed on our website, this is where you can pay for shipping.  This option is reserved for small items such as pendants, pins, stickers, etc.  (Net weight of under 0.8lbs)

What if I'm supposed to receive free shipping?

  • We will have a code generated for you to use which will void the fees on your end, but you will still go ahead and process the order for you shipping label here.

It shows $0.00, is my shipping free?

  • We had to create a free listing in order for you be able to pay only for shipping.  Once you put in your shipping address, the calculated shipping cost will show up.  

I plan to purchase oils + an item not available on your website.  Do I have to pay double shipping?

  • If you plan to purchase oils plus an item not listed on our website, leave a write a comment to us in the order notes and/or let us know beforehand and we will combine your shipping all together.  (Note: If you are ordering a large item, such as one of our sacred geometrical wall hangings, additional shipping will be required if purchasing oils as well.  This only applies for small items such as pendants, pins, stickers, magnets, etc.)